the monkey house

An adaptation of short stories from Kurt Vonnegut's Welcome To The Monkey House. Staged in a warehouse in Chicago's Chinatown district. Highly physical, utilizing mime and circus techniques to encourage audience imagination. Produced by SpringLoaded Theater Company.


"CRITIC'S CHOICE -- In these adaptations of the stories in Kurt Vonnegut's Welcome to the Monkey House, writer-director Lauren Ludwig and the young, low-budget SpringLoaded Theatre Company have succeeded where larger, richer groups - like Steppenwolf - have failed. It turns out that the secret to transferring Vonnegut's dark, wry wit to the stage is to focus tightly on his words: the nine-member ensemble calmly and skillfully releases the comedy in every sly quip, pointed observation, and irony-laden description without ever lunging for the punch line or hammering home a political message. This approach makes all of Vonnegut's stories soar, his quiet pieces and brassy satires alike. Ludwig's treatment of the comic romance "Long Walk to Forever," about a soldier who goes AWOL to see a girl, is particularly rich." (Jack Helbig, Chicago Reader